Supracolor Soft Aquarelle

SupracolorheaderSupracolorpencilSoft and water-soluble lead
Excellent luminance/opaqueness ratio
Wide range of colours

  • Superior-quality water-soluble colour pencils for the most exacting requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, art tuition.
  • 120 colours, also available individually.
  • Lead: water-soluble, soft, Ø 3.8 mm, high breakingstrength, very economical thanks to their exceptional covering power.
  • Bright colours, excellent lightfastness.
  • Shaft: hexagonal, end-sealed in the same colour as the lead, marked with colour name and code.
  • Best cedar
  • Certified FSC Forest Stewardship Council
  • Product conforms to EN71 (CE)
  • Product conforms to ASTM D4236 (AP for USA only)
  • Techniques: crosshatching, graded applications, watercolour effects, washes, unlimited blending possibilities, mixed media – can be combined with Pablo permanent colour pencils, Neocolor pastels and Gouache.
  • Recommended for works on big surfaces.



Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex.VAT)
3888.312Metal Tin with 12 assorted colours7610186043123£22.08
3888.318Metal Tin with 18 assorted colours7610186043185£33.33
3888.330Metal Tin with 30 assorted colours7610186043307£57.49
3888.340Metal Tin with 40 assorted colours7610186044403£78.33
3888.380Metal Tin with 80 assorted colours7610186043802£162.49
3888.420Metal Tin with 120 assorted colours7610186044205£258.33
3888.480Luxury wooden box with 80 assorted colours7610186044809£249.99
3888.920Luxury wooden box with 120 assorted colours7610186049200£349.99
3888.285Perspex stand with 726 colour pencils, consisting of 12 pencils each of 40 Basic colours and 3 pencils each of 80 Complementary colours I & II7610186004827£1,361.25
3888.Box of 3 colour pencils of one colours (80 Complementary I & II £5.63
3888.Box of 12 colour pencils of one colour (40 Basic colours)£22.50

Supracolor Techniques

Draw and wash: draw the subject with Supracolor Soft then carefully work details or disperse the colours loosely with a moist brush. This brings out subtle tones and adds vibrancy to the subject.Smudging: spray the drawing with water and smudge sections with a finger.Powdered pigment: first draw the subject with a moist brush, then rub pigment off the pencil point onto the wet areas with sandpaper. Blow off loose pigment.