Pastel Pencils and Cubes

Mise en page 1PandcpencilExtra-fine dry pastels developed in close collaboration with master pastel artists
The widest palette of shades available identically in two complementary mediums: pencil and cube
The selected themed sets meet the most demanding standards

  • 84 colours available in themed sets (two mediums : cube and pencil), in a selection of 6 shades of cubes and individual pencils.
  • Generous shading, high pigment concentration for rich and vibrant colours, powerful coverage.
  • Pure colours, ultra-fine pigments.
  • Exceptional lightfastness, conforming to standard Blue Wool Scale.
  • Pencils: hexagonal, 8 plys, large 4.7 mm lead, strong point, best cedar wood, matt colour cap matches the lead colour, identification number.
  • Cube: Dimensions: 6 x 83 mm, easy to handle, versatile: solid colour work (edges) or delicate work (corners), colour identification number.
  • The delicate lead of the pastel pencils requires the use of cutter.
  • A number of techniques are possible using the combination of Pastel Pencils and Pastel Cubes



Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0788.312Cardboard box with 12 pastel pencils, assorted colours7630002325011£34.99
0788.320Cardboard box with 20 pastel pencils, assorted colours7630002324670£59.99
0788.340Cardboard box with 40 pastel pencils, assorted colours7630002324687£105.83
0788.484Wooden box with 84 pastel pencils, assorted colours7630002319676£291.66
0788-285Perspex stand with 252 pastel pencils, consisting of 3 each of 84 assorted colours7630002315593£682.50
0788.Box of 3 pastel pencils of one colour (84 colours)£8.13
7880.406Cardboard box, Retouche, 6 pastel pencils + 6 pastel cubes7630002315296£31.66
7880.412Cardboard box, Initiation, 12 pastel pencils + 12 pastel cubes7630002315302£54.16
7880.420Cardboard box, Landscape, 20 pastel pencils + 20 pastel cubes7630002315319£89.99
7800-285Perspex stand with 252 pastel cubes, consisting of 3 each of 84 assorted colours7630002320924£682.50
7800.Box of 3 pastel cubes of one colour (84 colours)£8.13

Pastel Pencils and Cubes Techniques

Making a sky by blurring and overlaying conserving the pigment powders. The rich cameos of blue and light purple create subtle, soft gradations.Capturing the shapes of petals with a finely sharpened Pastel Pencil. The hard lead delivers a clean, precise line.The edges of Pastel Cube and the sharp Pastel Pencil are perfect for the detailing of flowers.