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Dry and permanent lead resistant to any powder formation
Excellent luminance and opaqueness ratio
Wide range of colours

  • Superior permanent colour pencils for highest requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, art tuition
  • 120 colours in assortments and available individually
  • Lead:, soft permanent water-resistant lead, ø 3.7 mm, very economical due to their exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness.
  • Shaft: hexagonal with pencil end sealed with the same color cap as lead, marked with colour name and code.
  • Best Cedar
  • Bright colors with excellent lightfastness.
  • Constructed with premium grade Cedar.
  • Certified: FSC, Forrest Stewardship Council.
  • Conforms to EN71 (CE).
  • Soft lead requires the use of a sharp, high quality pencil sharpener.
  • Techniques: shading, graded applications, mixed media, can be combined with Supracolor Soft Aquarelle and Neocolor pastels. Drawing on wood, photographs.



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Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0666.312Metal tin with 12 assorted colours7610186093128£22.08
0666.318Metal tin with 18 assorted colours7610186093180£33.33
0666.330Metal tin with 30 assorted colours7610186093302£57.49
0666.340Metal tin with 40 assorted colours7610186093401£78.33
0666.380Metal tin with 80 assorted colours7610186093807£162.49
0666.420Metal tin with 42 assorted colours7610186094200£258.33
0666.920Luxury wooden box with 120 assorted colours7610186099205£349.99
0666.285Perspex stand with 726 colour pencils, consisting of 12 pencils each of 40 basic colours, 3 pencils each of 80 Complementary colours I & II 7610186004810£1,361.25
0666.Box of 12 colour pencils of one colour (40 colours Basic)£22.50
0666.Box of 3 colour pencils of one colour (80 colours Complementary I & II)£5.63
0902.302Full blender,bright, 2 sticks, blistercarded7630002315050£3.74

Pablo Techniques

Layering and hatching

Subtly graded hues applied locally in transparent or opaque layers can create a natural painterly effect.
Brushing Out

Lay down a design with Supracolor Watercolor pencils. Then apply a layer of Pablo on top, work over the subject with a moist brush to bring out the design again.

The covering capacity and brilliance of Pablo permanent color pencils can be seen in their full effct on various types of paper and other materials