neopastelheaderneopastelpencilIntense and uniform colours
Wide selection of colours
Excellent luminance/opaqueness ratio

  • Very high-quality oil pastels for professional and amateur artist’s requirements.
  • Also recommended for advanced tuition.
  • 96 colours, also available individually.
  • Pastel: water-resistant colours, soft, non-powdery, soluble in turpentine (spirits of turpentine).
  • Very high pigment concentration, economical in use thanks to the high covering capacity.
  • Excellent colour stability.
  • Excellent lightfastness.
  • Techniques: unlimited colour blending possibilities, templates, impregnating and colouring, finger dragging. Also recommended for use on dark paper.
  • Applicable on various supports (paper, cardboad, canvas, a.s.o.).




Cardboard box with 12 assorted colours
7610186 263125
7400.324Cardboard box with 24 assorted colours7610186 263248£44.99
7400.348Cardboard box with 48 assorted colours7610186 263484£95.83
7400.396Metal tin with 96 assorted colours7610186 263965£199.99
7400.996Luxury wooden box 96 assorted colours7610186 273261£283.33
7400.298Perspex stand with 150 oil pastels, 48 assorted Complementary colours7610186 262982£281.25
7400.299Perspex stand with 150 oil pastels, 48 assorted Basic colours7610186 262999£281.25
7400.Box of 3 oil pastels of one colour (96 colours)£5.63

Neopastel Techniques

Templates: apply the pastel around the edge of a smooth template. Rub the colours off the template onto the paper with your finger.Sgrafitto: overlay the colour then scratch the top layer with a knife or spatula.Shading and paper volume effects.