Neocolor II

neocolor2headerneocolor2pencilThe widest range of wax-based water-soluble pastels on the market
High pigment concentration for bright and opaque colours

  • Superior-quality water-soluble artists’ pastels for the most exacting requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, art tuition.
  • 126 colours, also available individually.
  • Water-soluble artists’ pastels, soft and easy to work, strong bright colours, very economical thanks to their exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness.
  • Product conforms to ASTM D4236 (AP for USA only).
  • Techniques: Dry or wet drawing on all materials
  •  Watercolour effects, washes, scraping out
  •  Suitable for use on (illuminated) signs and panels



Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
7500.310Metal tin with 10 assorted colours7610186243103£14.16
7500.315Metal tin with 15 assorted colours7610186243158£21.66
7500.330Metal tin with 30 assorted colours7610186243301£44.16
7500.340Metal tin with 40 assorted colours7610186243400£65.83
7500.384Metal tin with 84 assorted colours7610186243844£149.99
7500.911Metal tin with 10 assorted spring colours7630002324380£14.16
7500.912Metal tin with 10 assorted summer colours7630002324397£14.16
7500.913Metal tin with 10 assorted Autumn colours7630002 324403£14.16
7500.484Luxury wooden box with 84 assorted colours7610186244841£249.99
7500.298Perspex stand with 420 wax pastels, 42 assorted complimentary I colours7610186242984£612.50
7500.299Perspex stand with 420 wax pastel, 42 assorted basic colours7610186242991£612.50
7500.515Creative Box consisting of Ref 7500.315, Ref 0115.202 water brush and 12 watercolour postcards7630002 329934£31.66
7500.Box of 10 wax pastels of one colour (116 colours)£14.58

Neocolor II Techniques

Rainbow technique: pick up the graded colours from a smooth palette and place the brush flat on the paper.Watercolours: make a sketch, sprinkle it with water and allow the colours to dilute. Pick up colours from a palette and paint in wet as watercolour. Apply Neocolor II onto smooth paper and spread it onto the design with a stiff brush.Wash and varnish: hold the pastel flat and draw on moistened paper. Colour the design with a brush full of Neocolor II. Cover the dry layers with a transparent layer.