Neocolor I

neocolorheaderneocolorpencilHomogeneous colours allowing uniform tinted areas
High pigment concentration
Possibility of overlay of tints

  • Superior-quality artists’ pastels for the most exacting requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, art tuition.
  • Recommended for creative (craft) activities.
  • 60 colours, also available individually.
  • Water-resistant artists’ pastels, soft and easy to work, very economical thanks to their exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness.
  • Product conforms to EN 71 (CE) and ASTM D4236 (AP for USA only).
  • Techniques: Usable on various materials: paper, cardboard, glass, wood, leather, fabric, stone, a.s.o… – Soluble in turpentine (spirits of turpentine). – Encaustic on hot metal. – Can be combined with Neocolor II Water-soluble.




Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
7000.310Metal tin with 10 assorted colours7610186 223105£14.16
7000.315Metal tin with 15 assorted colours7610186 223150£21.66
7000.330Metal tin with 30 assorted colours7610186 223303£44.16
7000.340Metal tin with 40 assorted colours7610186 037542£65.83
7004.310Metal tin with 10 wax pastel assorted metallic colours7610186 239120
7000.460Cardboard Gift box with 60 assorted colour7630002 319003£149.99
7000.299Perspex stand with 500 wax pastels, 50 assorted colours7610186 039799£729.17
7000.Box of 10 wax pastels of one colour (40 colours)£14.58
7004.Box of 10 metallic wax pastel of one colour (10 colours)£14.58
0012.009Metal crayon holder, hexagonal7610186 591303£20.83
0450.000Scraper for Neocolor I (10/pack)7610186 999710£24.92

Neocolor I Techniques

Encaustic: place a sheet of heavy paper on a heated surface. Draw with Neocolor I, allowing the pastel to melt. Work in any remaining bits with a spatula.Neocolor I, particularly the metallic colours, gives good, luminous coverage even on dark paper.Scraping: apply a thick layer of clear Neocolor I onto smooth paper. Cover it with a thin layer of Acrylic. Let it dry then scrape back the surface to create the design required.