museumpencilExtra-fine aquarelle in a pencil form

Very high pigment concentration
Exceptional lightfastness can be applied dry or water-soluble

  • The extra-fine quality of MUSEUM AQUARELLE colour pencils makes them perfect for all the requirements of watercolour painting and artistic drawing.Leads: Soft, Ø 3.8 mm, strong point.
  • Exceptional colour fastness.
  • Pencil: Hexagonal shape, 8 plys, top-quality cedar wood, easy sharpening, matt finish, matt colour cap matches the lead colour, identification number.
  • 100% water-soluble immediately.
  • High pigment density.
  • Low powdering.
  • Optimal transparency with no veiled effect.
  • Brilliant and vibrant colours.
  • Techniques: watercolour, washes, crosshatching, graded applications, unlimited blending possibilities, mixed media. – dry or wet drawing on all supports (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc




Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
3510.312Cardboard box with 12 assorted colours 7630002 320733£32.49
3510.420Cardboard box with 20 Landscape colours7630002 322034£53.74
3510.920Cardboard box with 20 Marine colours7630002 322010£53.74
3510.476Luxury wooden box with 76 assorted colours7630002 324366£291.66
3510.299Perspex stand with 252 colour pencils, 76 assorted colours7630002 324274£6682.5
3510.Box of 3 colour pencils of one colour (76 colours)£8.13

Museum Techniques

Watercolours: lay down the palette of colours you want on dry paper. Pick them up with a moist brush and start painting.Create blends by applying the paint on watercolour paper you have already moistened. As the colours spread you can produce some surprising effects.Apply watercolour over a layer that has already dried to create a transparent or a glazed effect.