Maxi Metallic Colour Pencils

MetallicPencils Hexagonal pencil with large diameter for an optimal grip. Extra-large lead for a resistant and economic tip. Diameter of lead 5mm. Available in five assorted colours, metallic scarlet red, metallic green, metallic bronze, metallic silver, metallic gold, supplied either in cardboard with 12 pencils of one colour or in a plastic container with 28 maxi metallic colour pencils in the five assorted metallic colours. Ultra bright colours thanks to a high pigment concentration, soft and permanent mine. Perfect for card making activities, scrapbooks drawing and illustrations.

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex.VAT)
0494.105Plastic container with 28 Maxi colour pencils in assorted metallic colours7630002328081£75.83
0494.070Maxi colour pencils metallic, scarlet red,
(12 per box)
0494.710Maxi colour pencils, metallic green,
(12 per box)
0494.497Maxi colour pencils,
metallic bronze,
(12 per box)
0494.498Maxi colour pencils,
metallic silver,
(12 per box)
0494.499Maxi colour pencils,
metallic gold,
(12 per box)