Prismalo Aquarelle

prismaloheaderprismalopencilThe first water-soluble colour pencil since 1931
Thin lead allowing a clear and precise trace
High pigment concentration

  • Water-soluble colour pencils for artistic drawing, illustrations, graphic art, art tuition.
  • Best cedar.
  • Certified FSC Forest Stewardship Council
  • 80 colours, also available individually.
  • Lead: thin strong water-soluble leads, Ø 2.95 mm, excellent lightfastness.
  • Shaft: hexagonal, end-sealed, with name and colour code.
  • Product conforms to EN71 (CE).
  • Techniques: watercolour effects, wash technique, crosshatching, mixed media – can be combined with Pablo water-resistant colour pencils, Neocolor pastels and Gouache.



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In 1931 Caran d’Ache invented PRISMALO® Aquarelle, the first colour pencil which revolutionised the world of design and colour with its watercolour effects. For more than 80 years this range of pencils, entirely produced in our Geneva workshops, has demonstrated its Swiss Made quality around the world. PRISMALO® has been used by several generations of schoolchildren as well as by countless amateur and professional artists who appreciate the precision made possible by their fine, hard leads.

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0999.306Cardboard box with 6 assorted colours7610186013065£10.83
0999.312Metal tin with 12 assorted colours7610186013126£20.83
0999.318Metal tin with 18 assorted colours7610186013188£31.66
0999.330Metal tin with 30 assorted colours7610186013300£53.33
0999.340Metal tin with 40 assorted colours7610186013409£73.33
0999.380Metal tin with 80 assorted colours7610186013805£149.99
0999.480Luxury wooden box with 80 assorted colours7610186023842£220.83
0999-285Perspex stand with 600 colour pencils, consisting of 12 pencils each of 40 Basic colours, 3 pencils each of 40 Complementary colours7610186004803£1050.00
0999.Box of 12 colour pencils of one colour (40 Basic colours)£21.00
0999.Box of 3 colour pencils of one colour (40 Complementary colours)£5.25
0999.300Box of 12 bi-colour pencil red and blue7610186843631£22.50


Prismalo Techniques

Washes, watercolouring and dot method: work the drawing with a moist brush. Pick up the colours from a paper palette you have prepared in advance. Apply the colours with the wetted pencil tip.Hatching, writing, lightening: the hard lead allows precision drawing as well as layering and writing. Apply dark colours first, then light ones on top. Metallic colours are particularly vibrant.Powder painting and glasspaper transfer: drop grated pigment into wetted areas of paper. Draw a subject on glasspaper, place it face down on a moistened sheet of paper and rub the back to transfer the image.