Graphite Pencils

Graphite pencils, superior-quality leads. Best Cedar
For artistic and technical drawing, office and school use
  • Grafwood: extra-fine graphite pencils, 15 graduations from 4H to 9B.
  • Technalo : water-soluble lead. 3 hardness degrees HB-B-3B, available in cardboard box as well as individually. Excellent for sketching out paintings and for wash drawings.
  • Grafstone : pure graphite, 3 hardness degrees HB-3B-6B, available individually. Excellent for sketching.
  • Technograph : 12 hardness degrees from 6B to 4H, available in metal box as well as individually.
  • As part of its commitment for a sustainable development, Caran d’Ache has progressively FSC certified some of its graphite pencils : Technalo, Technograph, Edelweiss, Natura and the pencil with eraser 351.


The new collection of trendy pencil with a feel that will surpise you. The geometric design is matched by it’s vibrant colour.

  • Graphite pencils
  • New dimension of design in relief
  • Superior quality, HB lead (2.1mm)
  • Best wood
  • Water-based varnish
  • FSC Forest Stewardship Council Certified
Item No.DescriptionEAN BarcodeRetail (ex.VAT)
0775-Grafwood extra-fine pencils 15 degree HB-4H (3 per box)£6.88
0779-406Technalo black water-soluble graphite pencils set 2 each 3B, B and HB7610186444067£12.49
0779-Technalo graphite pencil hexagonal water-soluble, 3mm lead 3 hardness degree, (12 per box)£25.00
0780-Grafstone pure graphite pencil HB, 3B, 6B (12 per box)£45.00
0499-128Black Wood maxi pencil, HB, graphite pencil, 28 pencils per container763002327121£69.77
0499-272Black wood maxi pencil, HB, graphite pencil, 12 per box7630002327107£29.90
0777-312Technograph black lead pencils, assorted (4h-6B) in metal box7610186443121£24.99
0777-Technograph black lead pencils, 12 degrees 6B-4H (12 per box)£25.00
0341-Edelweiss 2.1mm lead 4 assorted grades (12 per box)£7.50
0347-Natural unvarnished wood, 2.1mm lead 4 grades (12 per box)£8.50
0348.272Swiss wood HB graphite pencil (10 per box)£31.25
0351-272Pencil with eraser HB, 2.1mm lead (12 per box)7610186000911£13.50
0342-112Swiss Flag pencil with eraser HB, 2.1mm lead (plastic container with 36 pencils)7610186004704£67.50
0343-501Grafik pencil, HB lead, blue motif, pink circles, 12 per box7630002325349£13.50
0343.502Grafik pencil, HB lead, pink motif, purple circles, 12 per box7630002325363£13.50
0343-503Grafik pencil, HB lead, yellow motif, black squares, 12 per box7630002325387£13.50
0343-504Grafik pencil, HB lead, purple motif, green squares, 12 per box7630002325400£13.50