Graphite Line

GLheaderGLpencilsGet the most out of the shades of black
Purity of the graphite

Wide and regular range of gradations


  • The Grafcube is composed of 100% natural graphite (graphite and clay). The cube comes in two sizes, 10mm and 15mm, and three grades, 3B 6B 9B.
  • Grafwood Extra-fine graphite pencils, 15 gradations from 4H to 9B
  • Technalo graphite pencils, aquarelle lead, 3 gradations (HB, B, 3B)
  • Grafstone, pure graphite leads, 3 gradations (HB, 3B, 6B)
  • Charcoal pencil
  • 100 % soft natural charcoal
  • The line is completed by the eraser Technik, a sharpener a stump and a metal box. Everyone can assemble their own Graphite Line assortment.
  • Techniques: washes, water colours, stippling, shading, writing, sketches, graduation, blurring, technical and artistic drawing, and mixed techniques.Mise en page 1

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0775.250Graphite pencil Grafwood HB (3/box)7610186023071£6.88
0775.251Graphite pencil Grafwood B (3/box)7610186023101£6.88
0775.252Graphite pencil Grafwood 2B (3/box)7610186023149£6.88
0775.253Graphite pencil Grafwood 3B (3/box)7610186023170£6.88
0775.254Graphite pencil Grafwood 4B (3/box)7610186023057£6.88
0775.255Graphite pencil Grafwood 5B (3/box)7610186023231£6.88
0775.256Graphite pencil Grafwood 6B (3/box)7610186023262£6.88
0775.257Graphite pencil Grafwood 7B (3/box)7610186023293£6.88
0775.258Graphite pencil Grafwood 8B (3/box)7610186023330£6.88
0775.259Graphite pencil Grafwood 9B (3/box)7610186023361£6.88
0775.260Graphite pencil Grafwood F (3/box)7610186023392£6.88
0775.261Graphite pencil Grafwood H (3/box)7610186023439£6.88
0775.262Graphite pencil Grafwood 2H (3/box)7610186023460£6.88
0775.263Graphite pencil Grafwood 3H (3/box)7610186023491£6.88
0775.264Graphite pencil Grafwood 4H (3/box)7610186023521£6.88
0776-509Charcoal pencil, (10/box)7610186267123£24.92
0776-493Soft natural charcoal (3 assorted sizes per tube)7610186004124£3.74
0779.250Technalo water-soluble graphite pencil HB (12/box)7610186842672£25.00
0779.251Technalo water-soluble graphite pencil B (12/box)7610186842689£25.00
0779.406Technalo black water-soluble graphite pencil set, 2 each 3B, B & HB7610186444067£12.49
0779.253Technalo water-soluble graphite pencil 3B (12/box)7610186842696£25.00

Grafstone, pure graphite pencil HB, 0.7mm, (12/box)7610186444500£45.00
0780.253Grafstone, pure graphite pencil 3B, 0.7mm, (12/box)7610186 444524£45.00
0780.256Grafstone, pure graphite pencil 6B, 0.7mm, (12/box)7610186444548£45.00
0781.253Full graphite Grafcube, 10mm 3B (8/box)7610186026935£33.27
0781.256Full graphite Grafcube, 10mm 6B (8/box)7610186026973£33.27
0781.259Full graphite Grafcube, 10mm 9B (8/box)7610186026959£33.27
0782.253Full graphite Grafcube, 15mm 3B (3/box)7610186026997£14.98
0782.256Full graphite Grafcube, 15mm 6B (3/box)7610186026911£14.98
0782.259Full graphite Grafcube, 15mm 9B (3/box)7610186026898£14.98
0171.420Technik eraser for graphite pencils and leads (20/box)7610186800757£45.83
0177.305Blending stump, 140mm (10/bag)7610186031960£31.25
0476.002Pencil sharpener, double hole (5/bag)7610186031281£9.38
100008.721Metal box for Graphite Line assortment (10/box)7610186031274£41.60
0775.298Perspex stand for Graphite Line small range7630002300605£377.50
0775.299Perspex stand for Graphite Line full range7610186031496£851.58

0775.315Graphite Line metal cylinder with 15 assorted graded pencils (9B-4H)7630002318792£32.49
0775.512Graphite Line Book7630002306492£74.99
3000.415Graphite Line Satin Gift Box7630002308601£179.16
0775.306Graphite Line metal box with 1 each 9B,7B,5B,3B,HB & 2H7630002315081£18.33
0176.304Art by Caran d'Ache Kneaded Putty Eraser
0454.002Writing Paper Refill, A5 for Graphite Line Book
(Ref 0775-512)

Graphite Line Techniques

The blackest of the 9B's for extreme contrasts and the stump for softness.A feeling of pure sensuality of the raw material in the hollow of the hand and the mineral character of shadow and light.