Gouache Studio

GouacheheaderGouachepencilPlasticizer-free formula with a natural vegetal based binder

Gouache with a velvet-feel, which does not form cracks

Possibility to obtain watercolour effects

  • New metal box more environment-friendly and practical
  • Bright colours, good lightfastness levels and economical in use thanks to a high pigment concentration.
  • Studio quality recommended for amateur artists and school use.
  • Available in assorted boxes and individual colours.
  • Tubes: 23 colours.
  • Cakes: 16 colours.
  • The manufacturing process by drying of the mass ensures an unrivalled thick buttery consistency.
  • Product conforms to EN71 (CE)
  • Techniques: opaque and transparent painting.
  • Easy colour blending.

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex.VAT)
1000.308Metal box of 7 water colour pans, 1 x 10ml tube white and 1 brush7610186 143083£20.83
1000.315Metal box of 14 water colour pans, 1 x 10ml tube white and 1 brush7610186 143151£31.66
1000.Box of 12 pans of one colour, 15 assorted colours£21.00
1000.299Perspex Stand with 168 pans in 14 assorted colours7610186142994£294.00
2001.408Box of 8 tubes poster colours + 1 brush7610186 154089£24.99
2001.312Metal box of 12 tubes poster colours and 1 brush7610186 154317£37.49
2003.305Box of 5 assorted Primary colours - 10ml tubes7610186 159091£15.83
2103.305Box of 5 assorted Primary colours - 21ml tubes7610186 131318£27.49


Gouache Studio Techniques

Watercolour effects or a thick surface texture can be obtained depending on the amount of water used. Create special effects with a brush, sponge or cotton bud, a.s.o.Paper batik: combine Gouache with Neopastel oil pastels.Water-based designs: apply different patches of colour and work them with a flat piece of wood or painting knife. Thin films of paint produce stunning swirls of colour. Draw a design with water on your painting and scrape away the top layer.