Fancolor Fibre Tipped Pens


Bright and transparent colours – Great Length of writing (600 meters)

Does not dry out for up to one week with the lid left off, Washable

  • Superior quality, 3 years storage guarantee against drying out
  • Recommended for sketing and rough drafts, drawing instruction and colouring
  • Water-based ink, water-solubel, ink does not penetrate the paper, washable on most modern fabrics
  • Fiber-tipped pens with medium or maxi sized point
  • Food-based colours
  • Product conforms to EN71 (CE)
Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0285.710Wallet with 10 Fancolor assorted colours standard7630002307123£9.16
0195.710Wallet with 10 Fancolor assorted colours maxi7630002307147£15.99
0195.715Wallet with 15 Fancolor assorted colours maxi7630002307161£20.83



Fibralo Techniques

Beam and wash tint techniques: draw with several felt tips united in a beam. For water colour effects, wet and shade off. The stroke fuses, shines even more and acts like colour ink. Beautiful contrasts appear, due to the diffusion effect.Sketching and colouring: the Fibralo and Fancolor are ideal for architecture and concept sketching. The trait is clear and saturated, delivering the typical felt tip characteristics, specific to drawing. For colouring in, apply the colour onto a non-absorbent surface and paint with a damp paint brush to realise a watercolour effect.Stencils: follow the contours of your ready-cut stencil, with Fibralo or Fancolor felt tips. Remove the stencil and blur out the traits with a humid paint brush.