Fancolor Colour Pencils

fancolor1fancolorpencilWatersoluble Colour Pencils

Soft yet strong lead

Water-based varnish

  • Colour pencils, water-soluble, standard and thick diameter.
  • Shaft: hexagonal.
  • Certified FSC Forest Stewardship Council
  • Product conforms to EN71 (CE).
  • Techniques: crosshatching, graded applications, watercolour effects, washes, unlimited blending possibilities, mixed media – can be combined with Neocolor pastels and Gouache.

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0195.710Wallet of 10 water-soluble maxi fibre tipped pens7630002307147£13.33
0195.715Wallet of 15 water-soluble maxi fibre tipped pens7630002307161£20.83
0285.710Wallet of 10 water-soluble standard fibre tipped pens7630002307123£9.16
0498.712Box of 12 water-soluble maxi colour pencils7630002 307109£21.66
1000.715Box of 14 Gouache, water-based paints plus 1 paint brush7630002307185£26.66
1284.406Box of 6 water-soluble metallic colour pencils7630002 307062£7.29
1286.706Box of 6 water-soluble mini colour pencils7630002 307086£3.33
1288.312Metal tin with 12 water-soluble colour pencils7630002 306980£13.33
1288.318Metal tin with 18 water-soluble colour pencils7630002 307000£19.99
1288.330Metal tin with 30 water-soluble colour pencils7630002 307024£33.33
1288.340Metal tin with 40 water-soluble colour pencils7630002 307048£45.83