Brushes and Mediums

  • Brushes
  • 0115.101 : For water-colour technique. Superior-quality squirrel-hair brush Petit Gris.
  • 0115.102 and 0115.103 : For oil colours. Superior-quality, extra-long, 100% synthetic fibers   with very thick diameters and it can create spring like natural hog bristle hair.
  • 0115.201: The versatile brush with water container.
Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex. VAT)
0115.101Squirrel hair brush Petit Gris, 19cm (5/pack)7610186115783£15.83
0115.102Synthetic round brush No. 5 for oil colours, 32cm (5/pack)7610186004162£18.33
0115.104Synthetic round brush for acrylic colours, round, 20cm (5/pack)7610186014659£18.33
0115.105Synthetic flat brush for oil colours, wide 3/4", 20cm (5/pack)7610186014680£24.99
0115.106Synthetic round brush for oil colours, 29-30cm (5/pack)7610186037566£18.33
0115.107Squirrel hair brush No.4 for acrylic colours7610186038556£39.99
0115.201Brush with water container, black large tip (10/pack)7630002311045£4.99
0115.202Brush with water container, purple, medium tip (10/pack)7630002327961£4.99
0115.203Brush with water container, red, fibre tipped
0115.303Water brush hanging up pack, set of 3, one each of Ref 0115.201/202/2037630002329132£14.16
0116.201Spray pump plastic 50ml - empty
  • Mediums and Varnishes
  • 0901.001: Gloss Picture Varnish, final varnish.
  • 0901.002: Retouching Varnish, restores temporarly the picture.
  • 0901.003: Courtrai drier, reduce the drying time.
  • 0901.004: Painting Medium, used to thin the consistency of oils.
  • 0901.005: Clarified Linseed Oil, improve the flow of colours.


  • Fixatives
  • Protector spray for oil and wax pastels (170ml)
  • Spray for pencils, charcoals and dry pastels (400ml)