Acrylic Paints


Water-base paint that adheres to any surface.

Uniformed satin-finish look

Smoothnness and flexibility

• Water-based acrylic paint, easy to use, requires no preparation.
• Economical, due to high pigment concentration.
• 30 brilliant colours including 3 iridescents.
• Ideal for all kinds of material : fabric, canvas, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, wood.
• 250 ml tubes.

Item No.
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Retail (ex. VAT)
2810.Box of 5 Acrylic paint, 250ml tube (24 basic, assorted colours)£12.49
2813.Box of 5 Acrylic paint, 250ml tube (3 primary, assorted colours)£12.49
2812.Box of 5 Acrylic paint, 250ml tube (3 iridescent, assorted colours)£19.16

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Watercolour technique: a strongly diluted transparent film of paint produces the finest water effects. Acrylic dries to a waterproof finish and is suitable for decorating a wide variety of surfaces. Use the iridescent colours for festive effects.Acrylic is suitable for use on an extremely wide range of supports including transparent foil, glass, paper, cardboard, painting canvas, fabric, metal, concrete, a.s.o. When diluted to the liquid state, Acrylic can be sprayed or airbrushed. Painted fabrics can be washed at 60°C (140°F).Acrylic can be mixed with various additives: such as sand, loose earth or starch paste. Apply the mixture onto the support with a brush, flat piece of wood or painting knife. Acrylic will adhere to almost any support including paper, cardboard, canvas, a.s.o. Thanks to the flexibility of the paint film, Acrylic can also be applied thick for impasto effects.