0849 Original

Layout 1849 Original Ballpoint Pen with ultra-flush holder /0849.069, Aluminium hexagonal body with a push button and a flexible clip, colour application using electrostatic powder coating.  The metal body of this pen undergoes a specific ageing process to ensure a raw  weathered appearance. Supplied in an a 0849 original slim metal box. 

Each pen fitted with a Goliath medium blue cartridge, its steel point contains a tungsten carbide ball that gives an incomparably clean line and has an exceptionally high writing power of 600 A4 pages. 

Item No.
EAN Barcode
Retail (ex.VAT)
0849.069Ballpoint Pen, hexagonal, supplied in a slim metal box, with goliath blue medium cartridge7610186039393£32.08
0849.169Cardboard display, with 10 slim metal boxes7610186039409£320.83